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    At Social Justice Reads, we realize that understanding and addressing issues of social justice can be a daunting task. Our mission, as an online magazine, is two-fold: to supply you with an easy resource for learning about and understanding issues of social justice around the world and to provide you with practical ideas and opportunities for addressing the issues closest to your heart. Throughout the site you will discover numerous resources to assist you in understanding and addressing social justice issues. We collect, curate and discuss investigative journalism and news articles that will allow our readers to grasp a deeper understanding of social justice issues. We also want to encourage others to use their understanding to address these issues and create change. To inspire action, we regularly highlight heroes and organizations already working to bring about change.

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    Dorothy Craven is January's Hero of the Month! Dorothy was an elderly woman who stood up to gang violence in Wichita, Kansas. Rather than spending her retirement relaxing and knitting, Dorothy decided to use her time to create change in her neighborhood. She and a group of her friends bought the most violent apartment complex in Wichita and as the new landlord, little old Dorothy moved in immediately. She spent time getting to know her neighbors and understanding the changes they wanted in the community. Dorothy truly loved her community. Even after a drive by shooting left 14 bullet holes in her apartment, she refused to leave her neighbors. While most elderly people choose to use their retirement to relax, Dorothy chose to spend hers in the most violent apartment complex in Wichita, Kansas loving her neighbors and creating lasting change in their lives.

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